The Double Tree Hilton has been selected as the Satellite Headquarters Hotel. In addition we have a block of rooms at the Garden Court Hotel, which is near the Double Tree Hilton. Both Hotels are also WCN2015 hotels. You may wish to consider booking the same hotel for your stay during the WCN and during the satellite. This will save you the time and efforts of transfering from one hotel to the other. For your stay during the WCN, you need to book through the WCN housing bureau!

The Satellite organization will provide coach transportation between the Cape Town International Convention Center (WCN2015 venue) and the abovementioned hotels and the conference venue on the 17th of March. On the 18th of March, the second day of the Satelite Symposium, we will provide coach transportation between the two hotels and the Conference venue as well. The itinerary will be published on this website in a later stage, and we will inform all registrants timely.

Hotel accommodation can be reserved for the satellite symposium in Cape Town through the intermediary of Turners Conferences who have secured preferred rates for participants.

Click here to visit the Hotel Information page where you will find all accommodation details and the hotel booking form. Airport transfers may also be booked through the hotel booking form! The satellite organization will not provide any group airport transfers. Please make sure to click 'accommodation' in the menu list when you visit this page, and read all details and options before you complete your booking form!

There will be a morning shuttle and an evening shuttle to and from the CTICC.
The hotel will place the schedule up in the hotel foyer with the times. The transfer times will probably begin around +/- 7h30 and return around 18h00 after the session has concluded.
For those attending the social dinner on the 14/03, they will be dropped off the Double Tree by Hilton.

During the Satellite Conference (17 and 18 March), the Double Tree offers a complimentary shuttle ride to the famous V&A Waterfront.

During the WCN2015, there is no WCN2015 shuttle service from the Garden Court Nelson Mandela Boulevard Hotel.




If you have any remaining questions, please feel free to contact us!